How to Calm Your New Puppy at Night

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Your new puppy may experience separation anxiety the first few days or weeks in a new home and Nighttime can be one of the most difficult times for a new pet owner and the puppy. As your new puppy tries to get used to its crate, you may struggle with its incessant whining to be let out. Now is the time to create structure in your puppy life. Once the puppy has a schedule and looks to you for direction, your pup will find comfort in its surroundings and sleep through the night.

Step 1

Purchase a dog crate. It should be large enough so he can stand, stretch out and turn around. If you purchase a crate to accommodate his adult size, put in a divider so your puppy can't use the back to go potty.

Step 2

Make the crate comfortable and cozy. Place a blanket or towel on the crate floor. Avoid using newspaper or your pup will confuse the crate with a place to potty. Include a small stuffed animal for cuddling.

Step 3

Add a small battery-operated or wind-up clock to imitate his mother's heartbeat. Wrap it in a towel or set it outside the crate where your pup can hear the clock ticking.

Step 4

Hide small treats and favorite toys in the crate, and don't put your puppy in it for a time-out or isolation time -- first, the puppy needs to learn to like it. Under your supervision, a bit of small-dog treat can help your puppy view the crate as its den, a safe place of its own.

Step 5

Plan a nighttime ritual and stick to it. Puppy last feeding should be no less than three hours before bedtime. Remove his water no less than two hours before bedtime. Before bedtime, take your puppy out to potty and then plan some playtime. This is a chance for your pup to bond with you and work off his energy.

Step 6

Place your puppy in its crate once your puppy has calmed down from the nighttime activities. You may want to put a blanket or towel over the top of the crate to create a den-like environment -- dark and cozy.

Step 7

Prepare to have a few restless nights: Your pup will probably whimper. Since a small or young puppy cannot go eight hours without relieving itself, plan to get up a few times during the night when the puppy whimpers to be let out. You'll soon learn which kind of whimper is for attention and which is a more serious demand. Take the to its potty area. Once the puppy relieves itself, put  back in its crate in your room. Say goodnight in a matter-of-fact way, but do not play with or cuddle the puppy. The puppy will soon learn that you're near when needs help, but that bedtime is for sleeping.


  • Do not put the puppy in bed with you for some time. Depending on the puppy, when the puppy is older and housebroken, you may decide to let your puppy sleep with you.
  • Do not scold your puppy for crying; that will only create more anxiety. If you neglect to catch your puppy in time and the puppy soils its crate, calmly and gently clean and dry the puppy. Then take your puppy to its toilet area to get the idea while you clean the crate, and put  back with a clean blanket and toy.

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Shana & Mohamed Basyouni

We had a few other dogs before Bacci we loved all but he sure is unique as an animal, dog and character. Coming from a Czech blood-line with the mix of work-line and show-line explains that.

There hasn't been a single dog professional or enthusiast who did not comment on his unique blend of beauty and power.

Bacci is so affectionate, his face markings looks like eyebrows you would really think he is talking as he moves his head and body language. 

A lovely huge pet and surely a brilliant guard.

Shanna & Mohamed Basyouni

German Shepherd Dog














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Eva & Zulf Hyatt
Happy family
Chihuahua puppy in dubai

We picked up our precious little Myska over a year ago from Magnificats, and fell in love with her instantly. Even as a newborn she displayed uncharacteristic confidence for something so small and fragile and continues to do so every day. After having gone through some tribulations and come out the other side, we acknowledge daily just how important member of our family she is and a wonderful protector to our young daughter. Character is a strong indicator of this breed and we thoroughly enjoy her 'diva' type behavior when not being prioritized and thank Wael and Wati for their help and ongoing interest in our little gremlin - or gizmo as she is often referred to! Here are some pictures that reflect her beauty.


Eva & Zulf Hyatt 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Persian Kitten in dubai
hello again!,
the grey kitten is called cupcake and the chocolate is pee wee! they are so cuddly.
they are very playful and sorry i cant take any pictures of pee wee because he is at

my aunt's house but she tells me that he loves running around in her house and jumping on the sofas!

p.s. i love the background of the e-mail u sent me!

thanks again,

Persian Kitten in Dubai

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Carissa & Bassem Nimah
German Shepherd Puppy Happy Family

Thank you very much indeed for your informative email, it is very helpful to know these things.
Coco has already settled and feels home. She is very playful and quite funny.
We are having a great time with her and already feel she is part of our family.

Best regards,
Carissa & Bassem Nimah

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Mariam & Abubaker Barhagi

They say large bundles of love, joy and happiness come in small packages and that's what Ginka brought into our lives. She has without doubt spiced up our lives with her wonderful character and happy ways. Others might have taken her because she is a european champion that won several awards and championships in more than one country and club. That was not our reason. For us it was just love at first sight. We can't thank you enough for this lovely companion.

Chihuahua Chihuahua

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Eyad, Lena and Jude Sebai

Hi Wael,

It is really a pleasure to have met you.

As a family, we always wanted a dog, particularly a German Shepherd. There was one problem, we have a two year old baby girl and were afraid to get such a protective breed, that was all until we met beautiful Martini. Martini was quick to socialise with us, she seemed calm, affectionate and patient, it was love at first sight! Without hesitating, we wanted her to be part of the family.

We took her home, spent the evening and the next morning was the big day, introducing our Jude to our newest member in the house. Martini was very excited to see Jude, following her around in the yard, sniffing her and wiggling her tail. Jude smiled the whole time enjoying the play, and started petting Martini. This was it for us, a dream come true having a wonderful companion that blends right in. It's been 3 days only and all we can talk about is Martini.

Thank you Wael and Wati for this wonderful opportunity to make dreams come true, we will surely cherish every moment with our patient, calm and wonderful Martini.

Eyad, Lena and Jude Sebai
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